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The worship service is a blend of new and traditional elements of worship. A more casual and interactive element of worship is practiced along with a worshipful musical component. Music is an important part of our worship experience which supports the teaching message and the weekly Anthem enriches the praise and adoration of our Lord.

Dress is from casual to business attire, whatever is your fashion style and comfort is perfectly acceptable.

Enter through the two double doors at the far left of the building and you will receive a worship bulletin to guide you through out the service. The audio and visual components enhance the worship experience.

The purpose of worship at our church is not just about our Sunday Morning Service, It’s about living a life of worship 24/7 - at our jobs and school, our relationships, our financial world, the way we spend our time AND the communion of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Sundays 11 am

Sunday School

Parker Class 9:45 am
Grace Class 10 am
Kidz Klass 11:15 am

Bible Study

Wednesdays 10 am
and 7 pm