Session leadership of our church

The Session is the governing body of any Presbyterian USA church. It is composed of the pastor of the church and elected "ruling" elders. The pastor generally serves as the "moderator" — or the head — of the Session.

The Session has many duties, including receiving new members, managing finances, leading the congregation in the church's missions and managing the property of the church.

Current members are:

Wendy Bandel, Clerk of Session Charles Jurney
Libby Osganian Kresta Pedicino
John Atkinson Bab Westall
Nicole Yonkin  
Elizabeth Brownell, Worship leader



Sundays 11 am

Sunday School

Parker Class 9:45 am
Grace Class 10 am
Kidz Klass 11:15 am

Bible Study

Wednesdays 10 am
and 7 pm